Trustless Fiat on-ramp to
your first crypto

The process of buying cryptocurrency should reflect the priciples behind the creation of these cryptocurrencies.

Why Unipeer

We've built Unipeer for the p2p market as a non-custodial solution to buy and sell crypto from each other using traditional payment systems in a completely decentralized manner.

  • Trustless Peer to Peer

    No need to rely on third party for your Fiat crypto settlements Your keys, Your Coin

  • On-Chain Dispute resolution

    Completely fair and unbiased dispute resolution with the Kleros protocol. Using Kleros makes sure that unipeer is completely fair and decentralized.

  • Intuitive

    Now Buying cryptocurrency is as easy as making an UPI transaction in a trustless manner

  • Direct Fiat on ramp SDK for developers

    A trustless on ramp option for developers who wants to integrate Fiat on ramps to their dapps & Protocols

Built With

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