Trustless P2P exchange

Swap fiat-to-crypto and back via peer-to-peer in your local currency.

Swap fiat to crypto and vice-versa

Non-custodial peer to peer exchange with a smart contract escrow that makes sure your funds are always safe.

Integrated with various P2P fiat payment methods like PayPal and Venmo for fast, regional and safe transfers of fiat.

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Onchain dispute resolution

Each fiat payment method is backed by a community reviewed policy that is used to resolve disputes between parties via the Kleros dispute resolution protocol. This ensures there’s no central party or a trusted group that is responsible for dispute resolution and cannot be backdoored.

Why Choose Unipeer?

Low Fees

Low protocol fees that’s not enabled by default. Sellers automatically optimize for payment methods that have zero-to-low fees for p2p transfers bringing the overall trading fees down.

Trustless Dispute Resolution

By using Kleros, an independent arbitration protocol for dispute resolution we maintain credible neutrality and decentralization of all parties.

Zero Knowledge KYC

We use zero-knowledge proofs to keep our uses safe while upholding their privacy. With zkKYC we don't hold any PII, only peers can request each others personal info in cases of dispute.

Hybrid Oracles

We enable a hybrid model where our smart contracts are designed in a manner that lets the community decide on enabling deterministic and objective oracles for specific payment methods and tokens as and when they become available and feasible.

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